Dollhouse Miniatures, Feb. 2007


Macy's Accessory Windows
The WestSider, July 31, 1996

boxes that have been transformed with crystals,
cut outs, fabrics, charms and whatnots into stages, circuses,
fortune teller parlors, what-have-you."

"creates her won intriguing artwork in her Upper West Side
apartment with scissors, glue, hammer and nails, and an amazing
array of materials bought and found"

"gathers the gleanings from flea markets, dumpsters and novelty
shops to devise her dramatic works of art


Art Junk-ie finds beauty in trash
Nassau Herald, October 10, 1996

"where some people see trash, former Woodmere
resident Judy Starr Soskin sees untapped treasures"

"her work has been displayed in the Shelby Cullom Davis Museum
in Lincoln Center, in Macy's 34th Street windows and at various
shows and art galleries"

"after a visit to the thrift shop she came away with a piece
called "Maestro" which displays the busts of classical musicians"


Network, F.I.T.1996

"for her shadow boxes Judy Starr Soskin uses
pieces of toys, labels, antique photos and other unusual objects"

"using dioramas that contain collages of unusual items and
textures found by Soskin in places such as flea markets, shops
and dumpsters"



Shadow Boxes